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PER publishes groundbreaking research reports that will help you increase alpha and mitigate risk throughout both the equity cycle and your portfolio management process. Eliminate your leg work and allow PER to deliver valuable insight to enhance your alpha.

Note: As an added benefit and convenience, all of our Single Research Reports contain unlimited (weekly) updates for that particular report study. They are delivered seamlessly thru the members area and they are quarterly recurring purchases.

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Price Equity Research hopes that our PER Single Research Reports will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with our research reports, please contact PER immediately and we will correct the situation, provide a refund or offer credit towards future research products or services. Your satisfaction with Price Equity Research is our primary concern.

  • Derivatives Breadth (In-Depth)

    The PER proprietary brand of derivatives breadth analysis significantly leads most other forms of traditional breadth analysis, in both Price and Time. This In-Depth Report analyzes all U.S. trading derivative markets daily and throughout the trading week, within the context of the primary PER Models, statistical and also traditional analysis methods. All research surrounds put and call: dollar volumes, trading volumes, adavancing and declining issues and tick activity for all individually traded markets and their historical constituents. The analyst will have the opportunity to anticipate coming short-term price swings while looking ahead days, weeks and months in time.

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $275
  • ETF & Mutual Fund Asset Flows

    While analyzing the daily Assets & NAVs of the individual share classes of all 57 Rydex Mutual Funds (192 total) and all 68 Guggenheim Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). PER answers the following questions: Where is the money flowing in a particular strategy? What are the alpha implications for allocating capital to a particular strategy over a specific time period(s)? PER does the legwork for you, while performing an analysis in statistical terms via Percentile Rank and its deviations from the norm. Additionally, the PER proprietary brand of research is applied to the daily flow in Assets & NAVs via the unique models of Price-Volume Down, Price-Volume Neutral and Price-Volume Up. The PER proprietary brand of analysis upon these asset flows, creates the opportunity to allocate capital to a specific strategy that has a high likelihood of success in a specific time frame(s).

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $275
  • PER Dollar Volumes & Money Flow Insights

    This in depth report surrounding the proprietary PER Dollar Volumes for U.S. Indices and when pertinent Global Indices, allows you to determine the directional nature of the equity market six months forward.  Will indices enter a sideways congestion, up trending or declining period? In statistical terms, as dollar volumes flow in and out of indices, we answer precisely for you; what is my risk and market alpha potential? In addition to equity indexes, we also review derivatives, sectors and several industry dollar volumes in relation to statistical based technical studies. Understanding PER Dollar Volumes and the way that they precipitate market moves, is incredible knowledge for predetermining market and portfolio risk.

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $350
  • PER Price Model-Short Term

    The advent of the U.S. S&P 500 Futures market in 1982, forever changed cash market common equity price swings. Both for the common stocks of individual companies and the overall stock market. Their are very important and statistically significant characteristics in Price that occur and lead a trending directional swing change. In this report, we analyze these characteristics and decipher their meaning. Is a directional swing change coming in the overall market or a specific index? PER does the analysis for you and keeps you informed, before the actual cash market closes at 4pm each trading day. It is valuable and pertinent knowledge to know the statistical significance of everyday Price characteristics, and be aware of a coming directional swing change before other market participants (in real-time). The PER Price Model-Short Term (ST), allows the capital allocator an opportunity to mitigate risk and increase alpha with new capital and old alike.

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $350
  • Point & Figure Breadth

    PER analyzes the bullish and bearish breadth of point and figure style chart patterns of U.S. and Global Indices (individual constituents relative to parent index), as far back as 1950 historically (Friday-Close). This also includes the analysis of individual U.S. Sectors:

    Bullish Breakout Patterns & Relative Strength (RS):

    1. Double Top
    2. Triple Top
    3. Spread Triple Top
    4. Bullish Triangle
    5. Bullish Catapult
    6. Long Tail Down
    7. Low Pole Warning
    8. Relative Strength-Bullish
    9. Relative Strength-Last Entry is an X

    Bearish Breakdown Patterns & Relative Strength (RS):

    1. Double Bottom
    2. Triple Bottom
    3. Spread Triple Bottom
    4. Bearish Triangle
    5. Bearish Catapult
    6. Long Tail Up
    7. High Pole Warning
    8. Relative Strength-Bearish
    9. Relative Strength-Last Entry is an O

    PER analyzes the percentage of individual constituents relative to their parent index that are defined by one of these patterns and then the PER proprietary brand is applied. The overall Bullish % numbers are also analyzed. We look at the historical nature of these %'s relative to the overall   equity cycle, since 1950. This analysis helps define and mitigate risk on a yearly basis, within the context of the (4-8) year dynamic equity cycle.

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $225
  • Sector & Industry Breadth (In-Depth)

    PER comprehensively analyzes and reviews our proprietary brand of breadth research on 10 U.S. sectors and 68 industries each trading day, eliminating the footwork for you. The PER analysis goes as far back as the 1950's and is organized according to the (GICS), the constituent makeup of the S&P 1500 and S&P 500 Sector ETF's. Keeping you informed throughout the entire trading week with any specific and important changes in their breadth. PER also summarizes which ones represent the greatest potential opportunity for capital allocation and which are the least favorable, in specific time frames. Offering the allocator an In-Depth weekly analysis of the broader picture and which groups are the most favorable for coming alpha. This extensive PER Report is a great addition to your PER Interactive™ U.S. Membership. Leave no stone unturned, surrounding U.S. Sector and Industry breadth analysis!

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $275
  • Short Interest-Daily

    Recent regulation (Reg SHO) and other regulations thereafter, led to the U.S. Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs) and exchanges disclosing daily aggregate short selling volume and transactions for all traded individual equity securities. These daily disclosures are the first major changes in short reporting since the 1930's and present a treasure trove of insights for analysis. PER parses all this cumbersome data (millions of data pts.) each trading day. Statistical methods like Percentile Rank and others thru the PER proprietary brand of research are applied. PER answers the following questions: How much exposure in an index is long and/or short overall and by each component (historically)? What are the long/short implications for allocating capital to a particular index strategy or the overall market over a specific time period(s)? PER applies this analysis on a shorter time frame for the coming weeks and months.

    Review samples here: Sample 1, Sample 2

    Cost: $275