Price Equity Research


My PER Interactive™ Chart Library

Relay your analysis in a sophisticated manner

Would you like to display our or your own interactive charts on your website, emails and other media or for your own private purposes? Price Equity Research develops customized interactive charts for you and according to your custom specifications.


  • Open, High, Low, Close
  • Line
  • Line & Indicator(s)
  • Split Pane
  • Multiple Lines
  • Candlesticks
  • Scatter
  • Column
  • Pie

This service is infinitely customizable in features, and limited only by the availability and accessibility of the data needed for the charts. All your charts can be updated daily by PER and are instantly accessible by you and your team. Additionally, we may install and format your charts with your choice media.


  • Company Logo
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Text
  • Drawing Tools
  • Save
  • Export-PNG,PDF
  • Any Timeframe
  • Crosshairs
  • Zoom
  • + Many More Features

PER will take care of the complex interactive chart process for you and your custom specifications. Stay focused on your clientele and portfolio management process, and permit us to do the leg work for you.

With your choice of media, relay your analysis and message in a sophisticated manner via your own private Chart Library.

To set up your own customized PER Interactive™ Chart Library, contact PER.