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My PER Interactive™ Bull Session

A high level interactive & private research communication tool

Permit your team to collaborate their breadth research analysis in real-time. Breadth research is the only type of research that will precisely and consistently help identify and anticipate turns in the equity market. Breadth research is a powerful tool to:

  • Mitigate your risk and increase alpha.
  • Understand market cyclicality for the current and forward year.
  • Learn how to identify and lead turns in the equity cycle with statistical precision.

PER Interactive™ Bull Session is an effective and efficient way to communicate the importance of breadth research. It is a functioning interactive and private communication tool:


  • Video Conference
  • Audio Conference
  • Video Call
  • Audio Call
  • Instant Messaging-Chat
  • Screensharing

Leveraging sophisticated technology and collaborative sharing, which enables real-time analysis and insights among your own team members. These features include:


  • File Sharing
  • Collaborative Whiteboard
  • Handwrite A Message
  • Save Conversations
  • Clear Conversations
  • Private Conversation Rooms
  • Transliterate 20+ Languages
  • Emojis & Stickers
  • + Many More Features


All functionality and features may be used online within the members area or via the custom PER Interactive™ Bull Session desktop application for Windows and Mac, or if you prefer on your own mobile iOS or Android device. PER Interactive™ Bull Session's mobile application is available for you and your entire team while traveling.

Price Equity Research privately conducts all consultations, seminars and presentations within PER Interactive™ Bull Session. Allow your team to communicate efficiently, in order to mitigate risk and increase alpha.

To set up your customized PER Interactive™ Bull Session, contact PER.