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Price Equity Research can provide custom research in a variety of manners. Choose a topic and time frame(s) and we can customize the right services for your clientele and your portfolio management process, through PER Interactive™ a seamless delivery platform. These are just some of the custom PER services available to you:

My PER Interactive™ Custom

Are you attracted to a particular sector or industry based on fundamental valuations? We analyze the sector or industry on a breadth, cyclical, sentiment and technical basis to potentially increase your alpha and mitigate risk.

Are you attracted to a particular security on a fundamental valuation basis? We apply our proprietary brand of research to the security and determine its risk/reward profile based on the time frame(s) of your choice.

PER Interactive™ Custom is delivered in a private interactive login area, just for you or your team. Only you and your team will have access to your private custom area.

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My PER Interactive™ Chart Library

Would you like to display our or your own interactive charts on your website, emails, other media or for your own private purposes? Price Equity Research develops customized interactive charts for you and your specific needs. This service is infinitely customizable, and limited only by the availability and accessibility of the data for the requested charts.

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My PER Interactive™ Bull Session

Permit your team to collaborate their breadth research analysis in real-time and privately, via PER Interactive™ Bull Session. Breadth research is the only type of research that will precisely and consistently help identify and anticipate turns in the equity market for your team and portfolio management process. Breadth research is a powerful analysis tool to:

  • Mitigate your risk and increase alpha.
  • Understand market cyclicality for the current and forward year.
  • Learn how to identify and lead turns in the equity cycle with statistical precision.

PER Interactive Bull™ Session is an effective and efficient way to communicate the importance of the PER breadth research with you and within your own team. It is an advanced interactive and private communication tool.

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Choose a topic and time frame and Price Equity Research will customize the right services for your portfolio management process.