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For Portfolio Managers, By a Portfolio Manager

PER Interactive™ membership offers a simple but revolutionary approach to defining stock market cyclicality and leading market turns. This is not about predicting market turns. Price Equity Research defines and measures the process of these turns before they take place.

PER Does Not Sell Indicators. Price Equity Research knows that a flood of research makes it difficult to come to a reasonable and timely conclusion about the bull/bear market cycle. Instead, PER provides you with simplified breadth research, via a members-only website, PER Interactive™, to make leading and timely investment decisions throughout the year.

Membership is designed to help you define cyclical turns and areas of price swing precisely, so you can mitigate risk and increase alpha. PER’s brand of breadth research leads all other methods of analysis, including technical, fundamental and economic.

If you are a sophisticated investor or an institutional investor, you will enjoy the benefits of membership. All market participants who seek exceptional knowledge to increase alpha and mitigate risk will find Price Equity Research of exceptional value.

Unique breadth research in an easy-to-use online platform.

Price Equity Research Delivers Unique Breadth Research to members within our secure and user-friendly online platform called PER Interactive™. Using statistically defined and interpreted breadth research, PER focuses on the dynamic bull/bear equity cycle and the shorter-term movements within that cycle. We are not a forecasting or prediction firm. Instead, we analyze the relationships between trading volumes, advancing and declining issues, price highs and lows, and points gained and lost.

Interact first-hand with the stats of PER Dollar Volume Cumulative (DVC) flows of CBOE Net Calls on a 50 Period-Simple Moving Average timeframe:

Chart: PER Dollar Volume Cumulative (DVC)-CBOE Net Calls (50 PD SMA)

Five Reasons for PER Interactive™ Membership

  1. Increase Alpha and Mitigate Risk Through Price Equity Research’s interactive platform, PER Interactive™, breadth research is at your fingertips. PER Interactive™ helps you identify turns in the equity market before they take place. Increase your alpha and help mitigate your portfolio or trading risk.
  2. Leverage Historical Change PER’s breadth research surrounds the historical constituent change of a particular index. Most research focuses on the current constituent makeup of an index today as if it actually was the same months or years ago. Why? Historical constituent change breadth data isn’t readily available. Price Equity Research has historical constituent change breadth data to perform a proper and precise research analysis.
  3. Make Timely Decisions Price Equity Research does not waste your time inundating you with research and indicators to sell information, which makes decisions difficult or inconclusive for you. Price Equity Research has identified a very specific and helpful process on all time frames through breadth research that marks a coming important change in direction.
  4. Beat The Dynamic Market Markets are always in flux, but the PER process of identifying relationships between buyers and sellers leads the dynamic nature of the market. Interact with the Price Equity Research platform and allow breadth research to maximize possible returns.
  5. Reduce Information Overload Price Equity Research filters equity research and presents you with meaningful and timely research to make informed decisions in a simple, interactive online platform.

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