Price Equity Research


PER Interactive™ Membership for Institutions

Take advantage of PER’s independent research to help you better anticipate and lead the turns of the dynamic equity cycle, helping you increase your alpha and mitigate risk. We believe that PER’s proprietary breadth analysis research leads all other forms of analysis for the stock market, including fundamental, technical, bond, currency and economic analysis.

Our institutional membership supports teams representing investment managers and research departments, including:

  • hedge funds
  • proprietary traders
  • derivatives traders
  • mutual funds
  • investment banks
  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • pensions and endowments
  • family offices
  • financial planners
  • registered investment advisors

My PER Interactive™ Bull Session, a high level interactive and private communication tool, is included with your Institutional Membership. This powerful tool may be customized especially for you and your team. Permit your team to collaborate their research analysis in real-time online or via their own private desktop and/or mobile application. Click here to review the functionality and many features.

Institutional membership may also include a personalized consulting package. This optional consultation may be scheduled in increments of 30 minutes or more via the member’s area of PER Interactive™. Additional consultation time may be purchased as needed. See pricing below for more information.

Institutions - Membership Options*


* Recurring purchases

Note: One member login is created per user and multiple users may be logged on simultaneously.

For all of the above options, consultation packages are also available. All consultations occur within My PER Interactive™ Bull Session or by phone and are scheduled at your convenience within the Member’s area of PER Interactive™. All consultations are with the President & Founder, John Price, CMT.


Consultation package #1

Consultation may be purchased in one-hour increments and priced at the hourly rate of $250.


Consultation package #2

Consultation may be purchased in a six-hour pack for $1,500. If you purchase a six-hour pack, you will receive an additional two hours of consultation, complimentary, for a total of eight hours for $1,500. This package allows you to gain the most insight and value from your membership to PER Interactive.


Satisfaction Guarantee

PER hopes that our research products and services will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with our research products or services, please contact PER immediately and we will correct the situation, provide a refund or offer credit towards future research products or services. Your satisfaction with Price Equity Research is our primary concern.

PER Interactive™ U.S.

  • $650
  • $2600
  • $975
  • $3900
  • $1350
  • $5400
  • Contact for Quote

PER Interactive™ Global (Non-U.S.)

  • $475
  • $1900
  • $800
  • $3200
  • $1175
  • $4700
  • Contact for Quote

PER Interactive™ Global & U.S. Package

  • $825
  • $3300
  • $1150
  • $4600
  • $1525
  • $6100
  • Contact for Quote