Price Equity Research


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PER Interactive™?

    Unique and proprietary breadth research and other market research, contained within an interactive and easy-to-use online platform, in order to make leading and timely investment decisions throughout the year.

  • What will PER Interactive™ do for me?

    Price Equity Research within PER Interactive™ helps you spot changes in the bull/bear equity cycle—and changes within that cycle—before other market participants. Portfolio management is a learned skill set and performed by you. PER Interactive™ delivers exceptional research knowledge within an easy-to-use online platform.

  • What is the interactivity of PER Interactive™?

    Interactive chart functionality and the option to save charts in your own area as Favorites and refer to them at a later time. Drawing tools are included within interactive charts. Also included is access to My PER Interactive™ Bull Session.

  • Am I classified as an Individual Member or an Institutional Member of PER Interactive™ when purchasing a Membership?

    If you are using PER Interactive™ for an entity from which you receive compensation and/or seek profit for others, you would subscribe to PER Interactive™ as an Institutional Member and be permitted to use multiple logins (more than one) for your team. Otherwise, you would subscribe to PER Interactive™ as an Individual Member and be permitted to use one login solely for your individual use.

  • What is historical constituent change breadth research and why is it so important?

    PER’s breadth research surrounds the historical constituent change of a particular index. Most research incorrectly focuses on the current constituent makeup of an index today as if it actually was the same months or years ago. Why? Historical constituent change breadth data isn’t readily available and its creation is very involved. Price Equity Research uses custom historical constituent change breadth data to perform a proper and precise research analysis. This custom ability leads to unlimited research opportunities.

  • Which products include access to My PER Interactive™ Bull Session?

    A PER Interactive™ Membership and My PER Interactive™ Custom.

  • What is the difference between My PER Interactive™ Bull Session for Individuals and Institutions?

    An Institutional Member is permitted to have the My PER Interactive™ Bull Session customized for their team. A private Bull Session room(s) may be setup for their team online and/or in the chosen application(s). A PER Interactive Bull™ Session desktop application for Windows and Mac, or if you prefer on your own mobile iOS or Android device. A private mobile application is available for you and your entire team while traveling.

  • Is PER able to perform our research and models on other global countries than we are currently including within PER Interactive™?

    Yes, we have the ability to perform our proprietary research and models on all countries and indexes throughout the world as a custom service for you.

  • I have a particular request within an existing PER product?

    We are as passionate about research as you, and will make every effort to accommodate your request. Please contact us and confirm your request.

  • I have a custom research request?

    Contact us and we will deliver your request within My PER Interactive™ Custom or in the specific manner requested.

  • How often are PER products updated?

    This depends on the particular product and occurs when (research) appropriate. We filter thru research for you. PER Interactive™ memberships are updated daily and throughout the trading week. PER Single Reports are updated within the trading week. PER Intra-day Research is updated throughout the trading day.

  • Does Price Equity Research offer a trial Membership to PER Interactive™?

    No, we do not offer a trial. However, we do provide you with a Satisfaction Guarantee on all our products and services. Your satisfaction with Price Equity Research is our primary concern.

  • If I reside outside of the U.S., may I purchase a Membership to PER Interactive™ or Price Equity Research Reports?

    Yes, payment is readily accepted and many global currencies are also accepted securely thru Stripe.

  • How are PER purchases processed?

    All payments are processed directly thru payment provider Stripe. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted for purchases. PER does not have access to your credit/debit card details and/or personal information.

  • As a PER Interactive™ Member, may I include Price Equity Research, charts, tables or other forms of analysis in my external reports or media publications?

    Yes, this is a custom service of Price Equity Research and permission is considered upon special request by contacting us directly. Otherwise, as a Member, you must abide by Price Equity Research’s Terms Of Use and this is not permitted.

  • While using the Member features of PER Interactive™ and the chart interactivity, are there internet browsers that work best for performance?

    Yes, we recommend that you refer to HELP within the Member’s area, in order to determine or use a browser that serves you best.

  • Within PER Services, does my research request remain confidential?

    Absolutely, every component of the entire process remains confidential and we offer a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Why should I sign up for the Price Equity Research email newsletter?

    The PER newsletter will allow you to stay informed of important developments surrounding PER Models and Price Equity Research. Your email address is used for this purpose only. You have PER’s assurance, that you will not receive junk email or frequent unrelated emails from PER.

  • How can I stop receiving your email newsletter?

    Simply click on the link appearing in the received email.

  • I have another question, that was not answered within the FAQS?

    Please contact PER directly.