Price Equity Research


My PER Interactive™ Custom

Custom tailored research for you and your team

PER customizes the right services for your active portfolio management process.

My PER Interactive™ Custom is delivered in a private interactive login area, just for you or your team. Only you will have access to this private custom area and be able to see the protected content. PER takes your privacy seriously and will offer you a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

As an added benefit and within My PER Interactive™ Custom, your team will be permitted to collaborate their analysis in real-time via My PER Interactive Bull™ Session.

PER Interactive™ Custom is limitless in possibilities, however here are a few scenarios of how clients leverage this private service:


  • Q: Are you attracted to an individual security that will be affected by external factors such as inter-market relationships between currencies and commodities, sector and industry forces, and dynamic equity cyclicality?
  • A: Price Equity Research analyzes all external factors fully customized for you based on your needs and goals.

  • Q: Is the security that you are fundamentally attracted to in an uptrend, downtrend or consolidation? When statistically is the best time to purchase this security, based on its individual price movements relative to the bull/bear equity cycle and its sector?
  • A: Price Equity Research analyzes the security relative to its industry and sector, and relative to the overall bull/bear equity cycle.

  • Q: Where are we in the four-to-six-year bull/bear equity cycle? What trend should I expect, and in what time frame(s) can I anticipate opportunity?
  • A: Price Equity Research answers this question for you based upon proprietary research and helps prepare your portfolio management process for reward/risk within the dynamic equity cycle.

  • Q: Are there traditional technical indicators that will be useful for timing my fundamental trade or investment?
  • A: Price Equity Research informs you whether the indicator in question is appropriate for your security, and customizes specific tools for timing, purchases and booking alpha based on your specified time frame(s).

  • Q: What is the breadth of my portfolio, and what does it mean in statistical terms for my potential reward and risk?
  • A: Price Equity Research applies our proprietary breadth research to your own current portfolio based on your specific time frame(s).

  • Q: I am about to allocate new capital to a trade/investment, how may the PER proprietary brand of research help my process?
  • A: Price Equity Research applies our own brand of analysis on your security and specific timeframe(s), allowing you to mitigate risk and increase alpha.

These are just some of the ways to leverage My PER Interactive™ Custom. Choose a topic and time frame and Price Equity Research will customize the right services for your portfolio management process. We are as passionate about research as you, and will make every effort to accommodate your request.

To set up your private My PER Interactive™ Custom, please contact us and confirm your request.