Price Equity Research



About Price Equity Research:

PER statistically analyzes the dynamic equity cycle through our proprietary brand of breadth research. Through a unique website interface, PER Interactive™, the user gains access to unique breadth and market research in simple and easy to understand terms. The goal is to help the portfolio manager mitigate cyclical risk and increase their opportunity to boost alpha year over year.

Who Uses Price Equity Research:

  • Business executives
  • Derivatives traders
  • Financial advisors
  • Portfolio managers
  • Individual Investors
  • Proprietary traders
  • Research departments

The Founder of PER has extensive active portfolio management experience. We know firsthand what is most important to a capital allocator. Price and Time leading research which leads the movements of other market participants (peers).

The improved intelligence of technology has allowed Price Equity Research to be innovative and effectively analyze breadth research. The world was believed to be flat, before it was discovered to be round. PER has placed many pieces of the dynamic equity cycle puzzle together in order to give the capital manager game changing research.

Are you a detail oriented big thinker and interested in analyzing large streams of data with exceptional technology? Do you have a passion for unique research like we do? Will you have our clients best interest at hand; the opportunity to mitigate risk and increase alpha?

If so, please get in touch with us. We are located near the coast and in the beautiful state of Maine. A state whose motto is: The Way Life Should Be.

Current opportunities:

Fundamental/Technical Analyst

​Price Equity Research is looking for a fundamental/technical analyst with a minimum of three years experience and a four-year degree in finance, business administration or economics. A degree in accounting is a plus.

Database Manager & Programmer

Price Equity Research is looking for a database manager and programmer with a minimum of three years experience and four-year degree in computer science, programming or related fields. We will consider recent graduates. Experience and/or knowledge of these programs is preferred:

  • Microsoft Excel and VBA language
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • MySQL

If there is no open position specifically for your capabilities, but you really want to work with us, reach out to us anyways. PER is always happy to meet smart minds and might find a place in our team for you.