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  • Leading Race Horses To Water

    1/29, PER presented a webinar live to CMT Association Members at 12pm EST and led these attending race horses to exceptional water. This presentation contained valuable PER methodologies and analysis that was provided to our private Members and private clients throughout December 2019 and early January 2020. However, much of this presentation is still valuable while moving forward from todays date of 1/31/2020. Enjoy the PER sample and watch the video below, and be prepared for the next important move as a PER Member.  
  • One Billion

    Within PER, 1 billion data points can be calculated and deciphered within 1 hour and with one specialized computer. It took years to setup PER processes and methodologies! Why do it? Because knowledge is powerful and deciphering price helps mitigate risk!! PER has spent countless thousands of hours analyzing price and developing price tools and price strategies over the last ten years. PER does not publish everything it has learned, but PER does share leading important price analysis within PER Interactive™ with all members. PER also performs custom work and shares non published analysis within MY PER Interactive™ Custom confidentially with private clients.…
  • CMT Association Webinar 1/29

    I will be speaking via webinar thru the CMT Association, this Wednesday 1/29 at 12 pm EST! Click and register here for the upcoming presentation. 

    PER helped you throughout 2019 to lead price turns to mitigate price risk and enhance your reward! Review 2019 in the the picture below. This is the summary of the 2019 price allocations that were strategically defined for you. How did PER help you with this price performance and actually lead these turns? Log into PER now as a guest to see first hand and review 2019 as a report. As a member, PER looks forward to strategically helping you outperform price in 2020! 

    PER $ Volumes flowing into and out of Nasdaq 100 constituents leads price! It is very important to understand $ Volumes in order to what expect of coming price moves. What do PER DVI & DVO say about coming price moves? Login to PER to find out if these $Volumes are Bullish or Bearish for price movements and what are the time frames of importance?

    PER $ Volumes In (DVI) peaked on 8/30 & 9/3 (Short Term 12 & 25 PDS) for SP 500 constituents. They have been declining since and turned negative on Wednesday 9/18. Price Momentum via PER-MO peaked on 9/13. $'s lead both price momentum and price. Price moment lags dollars but leads price. PER-MO is confirming the negative flow of dollars. Bottom Line: If these patterns continue, price will be corrective into October and it is likely price retreats to the 8/30-9/3 area at a minimum.
  • CMT Webinar on September 4th!

    Note the webinar used research as of the 8/30 markets closing. View the previous webinar instantly and directly via the video immediately below: An in depth analysis and discussion to define risk and opportunity surrounding different time frames, while using breadth research. The analysis specifically included Indices, ETF’s, and Derivatives. CMT Association webcast on September 4th Wednesday @ 12:00 p.m. EST, “Breadth Equity Research-Current U.S. Markets” with John D Price, CMT. 
  • Nasdaq 100 Prices-Short Term

    $'s flowing into Nasdaq 100 constituents peaked on 6/21/19 and dollars have flowed out since (Intraday-60 Mins). Short term breadth is declining and further acceleration would indicate a corrective 20-50 TD process. Any improvement leads to continuing sideways price activity.
  • Equities Breadth-S&P 500 (Short Term)

    Short term equities breadth is declining which indicates coming sideways to corrective price activity. See the below 60 minute intraday chart of the 1% EMA of UP$/DOWN$ of PER DOLLAR VOLUMES (S&P 500 Constituents).