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  • PRE-ELECTION YEARS (Quarter 4 Price Lows)

    In pre-election years there are always highs in August/September that lead to lows in the following quarter and there are always lows in August/September that lead to price increases in the following quarter. What are the mean % price increases for these and how long do they play out? These very important statistics allow one to determine the low risk setups for Q-4. Where are the prices of indices right now within these time frames and what will these price setups be for this quarter? These questions are answered and analyzed within PER right now!
  • (XLF) Financials-Neutral

    Overall neutral on the (XLF) Financials, the points gained from constituents are trending up and points lost trending down.
  • (XLF) Financials

    (XLF) Financials breadth is declining in the short term. Identifying choppy to corrective price action. See the PER SHORT TERM TAPE INDEX of the (XLF) constituents below. Overall, neutral on the price action once the PER TAPE INDEX reaches oversold levels. See other below charts.