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  • PER 2020 Performance!

    PER is off to a great start in 2020! Checkout PER's price performance below. PER has price performance of 18.96% versus the Nasdaq 100 EWI of -5.44%. As a paid Member of PER Interactive, you get access to the price swing allocations as they are called! Become a PER Member here and get ready for the next price swing!
  • The First Correction

    1/16, the first meaningful correction of price this year will break the December 2019 low! When this occurs on the calendar is very important and will provide valuable and insightful knowledge of how the rest of year plays out. No, I am not talking about the January effect. 2020 is not guaranteed from a historical price pattern analysis perspective, to post a positive return. This year falls in the bottom 10% percent, log in to PER here to see the important Price considerations for 2020 and stay ahead of them!
  • The First 5 TD’s Nailed

    From within PER and for Members, the positive performance of the first five trading days of January was nailed, before it occurred. The election year and decennial 0 year price statistic was only 16.66% likely that the first 5 days would be positive, after the positive Santa Claus rally. PER used its price momentum tool of PER MO-15 MINS for the Nasdaq 100 and defined the coming positive gain before it played out in real time. 
  • PER Loves All Our Clients!

    Happy Valentines Day, as an existing PER client you receive 1/2 hour of personalized price consultation, good for any future date. PER loves assisting and serving you and happily wants you to continue to outperform price. As a new purchasing Member thru Wednesday 2/22/20, you will receive an extra promotional month with your new Membership. PER loves all clients! Best, John Price, CMT
  • Promotion & What Planet Are You On!

    Refer to the 2/5 PER post of "Anticipating The Anticipators", a perceptive inkling a week ago, but an offering this soon (2/13) makes the run up in share price look like an obvious intent. Read this CNBC article. What planet are you from? Looks very promotional all the way around and one can come to other conclusions too! PER, performs indepent and unbiased global research solely based upon performance and its price methods. There is no time for opinions and promotion and those activities do not lead to actionable out-performance. The focus is every day matters for out-performance!
  • Price Familiar Look

    Within PER, the election year is fully analyzed since 1896 via the DJIA. Every occurrence of price and every day since that time. Every swing high and every swing low of every day, every month, every quarter and every year. Every pattern of price that has ever occurred in election years leads to an exceptional analysis of price and this as one potential view. See the below PER Composite prepared at the end of last year for 2020, does this look familiar to you for 2020 price? Current DJIA. Log in as PER Member now to see the entire price…
  • It Is A Different Bug

    It is likely that the coronavirus will continue to be a catylyst or execuse for risk off, which leads to continued yield buying to zero. It is not likely that it will turn out to be the actual financial crisis, but it may be the fuel to carry yields to zero. This is a problem longer term for the profits of banks and the record junk yield that is due 2020-2024. It is a different kind of bug and one that we have never faced in modern global times, it is the zero yield bug that will be the next…
  • Q1 High Or Low

    Within the PER Members area, it is analyzed whether the high or low of this quarter in price has been put in. It can be determined from last quarter's price activity precisely whether the Q1 high or low is in, as of today! Do you want to know where the Q-1 price activity is headed before it heads there? This is exceptional price knowledge and extremely valuable. Log in as a member and you will know it and see firsthand. If you have ever seen this exceptional price knowledge before and you can verify where you learned it first, I…
  • Three Amigos

    The PER way, everyday matters to outperform price and exceptional knowledge leads to outperforming. Within PER Interactive Intra-day Research Reports and for these members, PER nailed the recent 3 Amigo price ascent before it played out. How did PER do this and why? To exceptionally assist our Members with price, while using PER tools and PER price momentum. Also, the three amigos are understood and anticipated. Anticipating the Anticipators! The three amigos told the fourth amigo on the street, so all could enjoy the Top Of The Mountain ascent and happily ride their horses. The fourth amigo helpfully then told…
  • Anticipating The Anticipators

    There are different incentive and promotion strategies and different time frames of those strategies, flowing all at once. Read the financial statements and the financial statement notes of Tesla and one can understand its capital structure. That capital structure needs frequent liquidity promotion and liquidity for survival. Who are the players that benefit for providing the liquidity? Read the notes. There is an incentive in many ways, for having a higher equity price play out pretty quickly and controlling that process. Don't be surprised to see a debt offering sometime soon while yields are positive. Does the lender benefit to…
  • Mean Reversion & Cheers!

    Market participants are complacently forgetting where they are in the cycle and what the cycle actually is for 2020! Momentum alone and momentum within every price whim, is a perilous strategy for election years. Mean reversion is the correct price strategy and has a 30/30 100% success rate in election years. Take a look here and within the PER Member's area.
  • It Does Not Hurt

    Exceptional price knowledge does not hurt you to know it and it does not reward you if you don't know it! In all 4/4 cases for 100% since 1932, when this happened statistically ______________________________________________________, the reward and returns for this _______ were this ___! More importantly for long term investors, when this ________________________________________________________________________occurred 13/13 times or 100% of the time since 1896, the returns for this ______ were this ___! Log into PER here.
  • Top Of The Mountain

    2/3, While out snowmobiling over the weekend I looked at the top of the mountain. When you hike to the top of a mountain, it is an exhilarating feeling after you reach the peak area of the top. You stand there flat footed and you don't feel like you are at the top anymore. Why? Because you are standing there. So you walk around and you walk a little lower and you walk back and forth and then you walk back to the top again. You realize that you are at the top and you can't go higher on this mountain…
  • January Barometer Is Garbage

    PER has analyzed the entire price history of the January barometer and it is garbage! There is no value to spend time thinking about the January Barometer as an omen for the overall year and this is just silly. This is something that is good to fill space and it is actively promoted by the street. There is no thoughtful price analysis surrounding its concept.   
  • Leading Race Horses To Water

    1/29, PER presented a webinar live to CMT Association Members at 12pm EST and led these attending race horses to exceptional water. This presentation contained valuable PER methodologies and analysis that was provided to our private Members and private clients throughout December 2019 and early January 2020. However, much of this presentation is still valuable while moving forward from today's date of 1/31/2020. Enjoy the PER sample, and be prepared for the next important move as a PER Member.
  • Same Game & Different Names

    The cycle and its data supported a rapid re-inflating back in 2013 and 2014, but that would have hurt the cycle right before the election and in the short run. Re-inflating rapidly at that time, would have avoided the long term problem of a gradual drip to zero fixed yield. The next financial crisis via zero/negative U.S. yields is already in the works! 2020-2024 maturing junk debt hits new record. Will there be junk rollover and lending by the member banks at zero/negative U.S. yield and with wide credit spreads? It is reasonable to conclude, NO. The games with IOER…
  • One Billion

    Within PER, 1 billion data points can be calculated and deciphered within 1 hour and with one specialized computer. It took years to setup PER processes and methodologies! Why do it? Because knowledge is powerful and deciphering price helps mitigate risk!! PER has spent countless thousands of hours analyzing price and developing price tools and price strategies over the last ten years. PER does not publish everything it has learned, but PER does share leading important price analysis within PER Interactive™ with all members. PER also performs custom work and shares non published analysis within MY PER Interactive™ Custom confidentially…
  • Eat The Positive Yield

    The Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury keep getting the word out! The word to markets is to expect declining yields. The policies that are in motion and many external global factors will continue to accentuate U.S. yields to zero and/or negative. Capping Treasury Yields and A 100-Year Treasury, are meant to keep yields low and will help drive yields lower. Equity markets may ignore this in the short run as it can be perceived as stimulative, but it is the next global financial crisis and it is already in full motion. Zero and/or negative yields will erase bank profits and…
  • See What Is In Front Of You

    It is important to pay attention and notice what is directly in front of you! While I was out snowmobiling and I crossed a designated trail on a lake, I could see all these boulders sticking thru the ice that are about 10-12 feet high. So I stopped and did some thinking, this means there was 12-14 feet or more of water here at some point within earth's history. Water seeks its level and the water definitely covered those rocks. I didn't drive right by and just go to the next spot, I stopped and looked and did a lot…
  • Market Performance Of A Cow

    The U.S. market performance of 2019 was promoted and touted heading into this year, by those with a vested interest in promotion! The reality is and while looking thru the correct cyclical lenses of interpretation, last year was a cow or a bull without horns. Last years performance of the overall market was not good historically. Since 1896 via the DJIA, last years percentage positive return was in the bottom 21%. Meaning the worst within the bottom 21% in positive returns! If you would like to acquire the knowledge of price cyclically and its importance, login here. You will understand…
  • Fresh Example Of Negative Yields

    This is a fresh example of how negative yields just dont work for the system. New models will need to be created and they don't exist currently. This requires out of the box thinking as negative yields for the entire global system have not existed in modern times. The old playbook and old rules of lending for profit will not exist. When credit spreads do widen and the record number of zombie companies go under, why would a lender continue lending? They wouldn't lend, because there is no positive yield profit to be captured. Borrowers may want to borrow, but…
  • Negative U.S. Yields

    Policy makers are set on devaluing the U.S. dollar and falling yields tie into this premise. When U.S. yields get down to zero and/or negative it is the next financial crisis. In some ways, it may be worse than the 2009 financial crisis. The global financial system and its components revolve around a positive fixed yield for income. This income officially disappears when U.S. positive yields disappear. The global economy and the global players that have negative yields, have been piggybacking on positive U.S. yields to support their systems and capture income. Once these positive yields disappear, the income disappears…
  • The Move Up Is Like This

    1/20 Yes, having the right momentum tools (PER) and knowing when to use them is very effective. Market participants have forgotten or are blatantly unaware of the important cyclical price considerations of 2020! What goes around comes around and by the time one sees it happen, its too late to act appropriately. Login here now, knowledge is powerful! Participants are moving like this below, click play to watch. 
  • Riding The Horse

    When everyone publicly announces how great the horse is and that they have been riding it, that horse becomes tired, starts to get sweaty and becomes less relevant. You can't expect much more from that horse and you certainly are thinking about getting off that horse for your own safety! Mr. Tepper, “I love riding a horse that’s running” and Mr. Druckenmiller, “riding the horse” have publicly announced that they have been riding that horse here and over here. Log into PER here to take a look at this horse the PER way, for your own safety!!