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    PER helped you throughout 2019 to lead price turns to mitigate price risk and enhance your reward! Review 2019 in the the picture below. This is the summary of the 2019 price allocations that were strategically defined for you. How did PER help you with this price performance and actually lead these turns? Log into PER now as a guest to see first hand and review 2019 as a report. As a member, PER looks forward to strategically helping you outperform price in 2020! 
  • Coming US Negative Interest Rates Are Problematic!

    The whole global financial system revolves around positive yield! When the U.S. has negative rates it is a game changer for the entire system. All those models that revolve around positive fixed yield will dissapear. The risk from negative yields is unforseen and unknown as new models have to be created. Risk assets will be sold to become liquid for the unforseen. First it will show up in the credit markets and then it will carry over to equity markets. One can argue that the warning signs already exist in the fixed income space. It just becomes the timing within…
  • The Greatest Value Manager Of All Time!

    When it occurs, it will be the next financial crisis! The first negative yielding country was Denmark in 2009. 80%ish of all countries had negative yielding debt at a point in August of this year. There was also roughly 17 trillion in negative yielding debt in August. When the U.S. has negative yielding debt it will disrupt the whole global financial system in the short run.  
  • PRE-ELECTION YEARS (Quarter 4 Price Lows)

    In pre-election years there are always highs in August/September that lead to lows in the following quarter and there are always lows in August/September that lead to price increases in the following quarter. What are the mean % price increases for these and how long do they play out? These very important statistics allow one to determine the low risk setups for Q-4. Where are the prices of indices right now within these time frames and what will these price setups be for this quarter? These questions are answered and analyzed within PER right now!

    Hopefully, the heading got your attention and you are reading this! I intend to help you with price and that is my passion. I don't understand why price goes irrational and I never will. I have to accept this premise and ignore the WHY, to serve you best. I focus on understanding price and clearly defining its momentum in order to lead price and its movements. Knowledge is powerful! Right now and in front of you lies the most important time window to see thru in order to beat price for all of next year! Login now to get the point and…

    Each year there are all these forecasts and assumptions for the year, based upon what happens to price in January! Crazy Right?! First five days in January, January overall, What if the December low is broken or what if it isn't? What if this happens or what if that happens? PER sifts thru all this info in relation to election years right now and throughout December, before January shows up. What is important and what is not surrounding price activity? What is garbage and what is not and what one should pay attention to in January? PER will actually anticipate the first…

    In pre-election years, price has a very specific pattern thru December, while paying attention to the price low of the previous November! Gobble Gobble, this pattern may easily be measured from Thanksgiving thru December. So what is the relationship and why is it so important in pre-election years? This is discussed relative to our price methodologies within the members area of PER. Login into the members area!