Price Equity Research



Leveraging the power of breadth research™

The primary focus of Price Equity Research is to employ unique breadth research to define market movements in a leading manner, both in the four- to six-year bull/bear equity market cycle and in the current and forward years.

Fundamentalists, economists and traditional technical analysts assert that changes in a bull/bear equity cycle cannot be identified with precision until after that change already has occurred. Not so. Price Equity Research’s proprietary breadth research indicates otherwise. These periods of time can be defined statistically with a great degree of precision.

Price Equity Research helps you identify changes in the bull/bear equity cycle—and changes within that cycle—before they are apparent to other market participants.

How We Accomplish This

Price Equity Research looks at breadth data in simple statistical terms. This is not about forecasting or making predictions. The focus is on defining breadth research relationships through issues that are advancing or declining in price; gaining or losing points; price highs and lows; and trading volumes. Currencies, bond markets, sentiment, technical metrics, commodities and valuations are also reviewed.

Through proprietary breadth research, Price Equity Research helps to identify the conditions present in simple statistical terms that need to occur for a new bull market to begin and end. This involves applying proprietary breadth research and cyclical models to identify:

  • The secular nature of the equity market
  • Where we are in the four-to-six-year, dynamic bull/bear cycle
  • The current and forward year

The PER Approach to identifying changes in the bull/bear equity market cycle is groundbreaking in that it identifies a very specific set of conditions that occur only as the end of the cycle nears, the new cycle is about to begin, or turns that are about to occur within the overall bull/bear cycle. No other form of research analysis provides a comparable degree of precision.

Breadth Research Time Frame

PER breadth research helps define a range of cycles and their price swings. First, the secular nature of the equity market is identified (secular bull/bear cycles last 16–20 years). Second, PER indentifies where we are in the four-to-six-year bull market cycle. Historically, all cyclical bull markets have lasted four to six years within the trend of the secular cycle, and all cyclical bull markets experience corrections and/or ensuing bear markets. Third, PER determines where we are in the current year and rolling forward year cycle.

In addition to our proprietary breadth research, we use other proprietary models for defining price swings and their movements.

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