Price Equity Research



​Redefining how you view the cyclical nature of global markets and their movements

Price Equity Research statistically analyzes the dynamic equity cycle through its proprietary breadth research. Through a unique website interface, PER Interactive™, you can gain access to meaningful breadth and market research in simple, easy to understand terms. The goal is to help you better manage cyclical risk and reward and increase your opportunity to boost alpha year over year.

This is not about forecasting. It is about using equity breadth research to define the dynamic bull/bear cycle, and movements within it, in a leading manner. This approach leads traditional technical analysis methods and other forms of analysis to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Who Uses Price Equity Research?

Price Equity Research serves informed institutional and individual investors who seek to mitigate risk and generate alpha. Those that can benefit from this unique research include:

  • Individuals (investors, traders)
  • Fund managers (pensions and endowments, hedge funds, mutual funds)
  • Proprietary traders
  • Derivatives traders
  • Business executives
  • Research departments
  • Financial advisors

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